Emtee Lebo

Lebo Masangwanyi: Emtee’s manager dies – Here’s what we know

28 April 2021 - 13:43

Emtee’s manager and friend sadly passed away from what many believe was a drug overdose, adding to the rappers’ bad history with drugs.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Sad news as it was revealed that Emtee’s close friend and manager had passed away on Tuesday the 28th of April 2021, from what was rumoured to be a drug overdose.

How did Emtee’s manager pass away?

In a press statement released by Emtee Records, they announced the tragic passing of Lebo Maswanganyi, who was the rappers’ childhood friend and manager.

In the statement, they revealed that Lebo had succumbed to his death in a studio, occurring in the early hours of the morning.

The cause of the death wasn’t revealed, however, many believe it to have been caused by a drug overdose.

However, the statement also confirmed that Emtee was not with Lebo at the time of his death but many question the validity of this revelation.

This comes as shocking news to hip-hop fans since they have known each other since their earlier days, growing up together and becoming business partners working together in the industry.

Another statement is on its way, which could reveal the real cause of Lebo’s death.

For now, the statement asked fans to send prayers to Lebo and Emtee’s families in such a tragic time.

Could drugs be a problem in Emtee’s circle?

Is the Roll Up rapper having a problem with drugs in his entourage?

Fans of the rapper have been worried for his health for years after multiple incidents that had Emtee allegedly intoxicated and put in some of the worst spots.

Let’s not forget the time he passed out on stage, embarrassing himself in front of hundreds of people who had hoped to see him perform.

Or the time the rapper crashed his two Mercedes Benz within two weeks, fleeing the scene on both occasions and refusing to report the incidents.

There are other reported incidents of Emtee finding himself in trouble, and his wife has always come out claiming to help him.

Maybe it’s the members of his crew who might be influencing the rapper in maintaining this dangerous lifestyle, especially with the news of his manager sadly passing from drug use.

This is a sad time for Emtee, with many fans showing their appreciation for what Lebo had achieved in his life and career.