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Samkelo Ndlovu claims Moozlie ‘threw a drink’ at her [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 17.12.2020

Samkelo Ndlovu wants to throw hands with Moozlie, after the rapstress threw a drink at her and ran away last night.

It might be by coincidence or design that Samkelo Ndlovu decided to shade Moozlie on the eve of her album release.

Samkelo Ndlovu rings off at ‘drug addict’ Moozlie

The actress-turned-singer took to her Instagram and posted a 50-minute tell-all about the events that allegedly transpired at a party that was held at Altitude Beach, on Reconciliation Day.

We corroborated most of what Ndlovu said with Moozlie’s IG Storeys and can confirm that the rapstress did, in fact, perform on the evening, with industry friends DJ Speedsta and Zinhle there to show support.

What was not caught on film, however, is an alleged confrontation that took place between the two ladies, A summary of Ndlovu’s claims is that Moozlie refused to make way for her to pass after she had gotten off stage from performing her upcoming single Intoyami.

The singer claims Moozlie “felt some type of way” and after a brief scuffle, she allegedly threw a drink at her and ran away.

Ndlovu didn’t mince her words in telling her fans how she truly feels about Moozlie.

The 30-year-old, in a series of tweets, threatened retaliation the next time they meet and put a quick end to fans who rubbished this as yet another Moozlie stunt (you will remember the fake car accident).

Watch: Ndlovu tells all about what happened at Altitude Beach

Moozlie has, for the most part, not addressed anything directly. You can watch Ndlovu’s tell-all about the alleged events that unfolded at Altitude Beach below: