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Makhadzi stans defend singer amid groping scandal [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 27.05.2021

Makhadzi fans are defending the singer from cancel culture after a video clip surfaced, showing her groping a man on stage.

The past has crept up on Ndivhudzannyi ‘Makhadzi’ Ralivhona in the form of an old video that resurfaced and divided opinion on social media.

Makhadzi seen groping man in old video clip

Footage of Makhadzi’s old performances popped up on social media in the midst of heated discussion around consent, which stemmed from a sex scandal involving DJ Dimplez.

In the clip, the Kokovha singer could be seen interacting in a rather steamy fashion with a male fan she’d called up on stage. She plays around with his crotch and on repeated occasions, brushes her behind against the man who, from our observation, was mesmerised by this up-close and personal encounter with his favourite musician.

Here’s the video clip in question:

Social media calls for singer’s cancellation

In a week where male consent has been on the tips of social media users’ fingers, these scenes triggered many who thought Makhadzi may have gone a bit too far.

However, the singer’s cult following was having none of it. The ongoing debacle on whether Makhadzi should be cancelled for apparently groping a man has continued on Thursday morning.

Here are some of the reactions we picked out on social media: