Watch: MacG gives fiery response to backlash [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Macgyver Mukwevho, or rather ‘MacG’ as he is famously known, has, after two weeks of simmering outrage over his transphobic rant, issued a response on his podcast.

MacG and podcast resurface after backlash

In the latest episode, the Podcast and Chill with MacG crew addressed the backlash they received for making utterly repulsive statements about the journey many transitioning people take to assume the sex they identify with.

Following the release of this clip, the LGBTQI online community called for the cancellation of the platform, with celebrities like Rami Chuene and Thando Thabethe publicly condemning the actions of MacG and his mates.

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Old Mutual, a premier sponsor of the show, also released a statement, bringing an end to their lucrative partnership with the podcast.

“To say the least, MacG’s commentary was both ignorant and insensitive, clearly showing that much education needs to happen, especially in a country where people continue to be ostracised, killed, abused and raped for being who they are,” the insurance giant wrote in a scathing statement.

MacG’s fiery response: Thando Thabethe singled out

Two weeks later, when the world had moved on, MacG and his podcast resurfaced with a fiery response. While the crew conceded to the ‘mistake’ they made, there was no apology offered to the LGBTQI community.

In fact, in a show of arrogance, MacG attacked the people who were repulsed by his commentary. In his rant, he went on about how the podcast survived without sponsors (a jab at OM), how the industry doesn’t appreciate his contribution to the labour market (he has 30 employees), and the hypocrisy of celebrities who only use their voices on certain topics.

The crew went as far as singling out Thabethe, claiming that she’s only good for posting nudes on Instagram. For an apology, this ranks right at the bottom of the barrel. You can watch MacG’s response below: