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Lady Zamar details alleged Sjava sexual assault [video]

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We are starting to get a clearer picture of the events that unfolded the morning Lady Zamar was allegedly sexually assaulted by rapper Jabulani ‘Sjava’ Hadebe.

Lady Zamar responds to Sjava: ‘You raped me. I told you no’

The Monarch songstress took to her Instagram Live on Thursday evening to detail her experience with Sjava, the morning she claims she was raped by the rapper.

The incident allegedly happened after the couple attended an event, in 2017, a short while into their affair. According to Zamar, Sjava had allegedly summoned her to his hotel room.

Things got steamy but the 33-year-old songstress claims she refused his advances — or at least tried to — before he allegedly forced himself onto her and committed the sexual assault.

Zamar went into further detail about the trauma she faced after the alleged incident.

“That’s how I dealt with that trauma, I blocked it out… I stopped eating for four months after that. I started developing acne, there are so many things that started happening,” Zamar said.

You can watch the entire video below:

Social media reacts to Zamar’s explosive response

Zamar’s response came a day after Sjava had shared a tell-all video on social media, where he detailed his version of how the affair with the Monarch star came to be.

In the rapper’s version, Zamar allegedly knew from the onset that he was in a committed relationship with another woman.

Sjava went on to deny rumours that he was a married man with children. He accepted accountability for the way things turned out with Zamar but vehemently denied the claims the songstress made about the events that unfolded in that hotel room.

The conflicting stories from these two stars have divided opinion on social media. On one hand, sympathists have sided with Zamar and on the other, people have called Zamar’s inaction into question.

Here are some of the thoughts we picked out from social media:

This is still a pending criminal investigation and no further developments have been reported by authorities thus far.