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AMN Sessions: Watch ‘episode 1’ right here [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 07.09.2020

Cassper Nyovest debuts episode 1 of #AMNSessions today. You can watch it right here:

Cassper Nyovest is debuting his docuseries AMN Sessions and the first episode is available to watch below:

What is AMN Sessions about?

In the week leading up to the release of his much-anticipated album Any Minute Now (AMN), Nyovest thought it would be necessary to take fans on a behind-the-scenes look at how the album he claims is his magnum opus, was created.

Looking at the tracklist that features artists from all over the world, we expect AMN Sessions to surprise us with cameos like Buddy from Shady Records, Dreamville’s Bas and R&B legend Anthony Hamilton.

Watch episode 1 right here

Please note: AMN Sessions is scheduled to premiere on Family Tree’s YouTube page at 09:00. This video is an embed from that channel and we thus aren’t responsible for the content, scheduling and any other contributing factor that makes up the show.

The initial plan was to release the behind-the-scenes footage as one long-form documentary. However, to save most of the footage, Nyovest thought it would be best to release it in parts, like a YouTube series.

“The making of AMN was documented and I was initially gonna drop one long documentary but Jabu got soo much dope shit (sp) that I didn’t wanna cut out so we will be making it out into a series called AMN Sessions,” Nyovest wrote.

The first episode premieres on Monday morning at 09:00. We don’t know what to expect but trust that Tsibip will live up to his standards.

We have embedded the video below for you to watch. Enjoy: