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Watch: Alicia Keys dances to Babes Wodumo’s ‘eLamont’ [video]

Avuya Walters - 03.08.2020

Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys celebrated their 10-year anniversary with #BabesWodumo’s eLamont.

Gqom music is still a thriving international genre and that’s on periodt. Case in point, this video showing Alicia Keys getting down to Babes Wodumo’s smash hit eLamont.

Babes Wodumo proves Gqom is international

Whether Babes knows it or not, her music is touching people in places she has never set foot in, a testament to her rare musical talent.

The first lady of Gqom recently dropped off her sophomore project Idandokazi, a 13-track onslaught of nothing but bangers.

The album received acclaim with stand-out tracks like Angekhe, Corona and eLamont on constant rotation on South Africa’s mainstream radio circuit.

Her music has also reached the ears of multi-award-winning and genre-shifting producer Swizz Beats, who could barely contain himself when he recorded his wife, Alicia Keys, dancing to eLamont on the 10-year anniversary of their marriage.

Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys celebrate 10-year anniversay

Keys took to social media to share her love for the producer. A decade into their marriage, she still regarded Swizz as her “dream come true.”

“I adore you!!! Here’s to so much more of the greatness we create together!!! Deeply appreciating and loving every moment,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

In response, Swizz raised an important point about how they’ve stuck together for this long.

“[We] never raised our voice at each other in 10 yrs [sic], wow. Thank you for everything, my love. You’re truly everything, my love. I wish us 100 more, yes, plus inshallah. Happy 10yr [sic] anniversary Queen Dean,” he wrote.

Watch: Alicia Keys dances to Babes Wodumo’s eLamont

To cap it all off, Swizz went on Instagram Live and cheered his wife on as she got jiggy with it to Babes Wodumo’s eLamont.

If this did nothing to your loins, you can’t possibly be human.