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WATCH: AKA lines up the defence in tell-all interview [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 22.05.2021

AKA tells his side of the story. Watch the full interview right here.

Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes will have his platform to put South Africa in confidence about his version of events on the tragic death of Anele Tembe.

Watch live: AKA addresses the murmurs

It has been a weird resurgence for the rapper since he emerged back on the music scene, shortly after his fiancee was laid to rest. It seems, from the outside at least, that a close-knit group of Tembe’s inner circle has launched a public attack on AKA’s character.

First, it was the horrid leak of the video clips that offered the public a glimpse into the real ongoings of AKA and Tembe’s rocky relationship. Then, only a week after that, an anonymous letter, allegedly sent by a member of Tembe’s family, painted a gory picture of the Touch My Blood rapper.

In the letter that was read out by MacGyver Mukwevho on his podcast, AKA was accused of having sexual relations with the baby mother of his best mate Leslie ‘Da LES’ Mampe and, even worse, subjecting Tembe to a life of physical and psychological abuse.

On Saturday, however, the world will hear from the man who has been at the centre of this entire scandal. AKA will sit down with BarLeader TV for an exclusive interview which is scheduled to premiere at 19:00.

You can also tune into the tell-all right here:

UPDATE: Due to the poor audio quality of AKA’s feed, the video was taken down by the uploader. Please keep refreshing the page to get the playing version of the video once it has been re-uploaded.

While the wait, we looked into the discourse on social media and here are some thoughts on what AKA may unveil in the interview: