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A-Reece drops cryptic trailer: Is this a ‘Paradise 2’ announcement? [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 06.08.2020

A-Reece could be on the verge of unlocking his residual self image with #Paradise2. Check out all the easter eggs we found in this enticing trailer.

A-Reece could be days away from entering ‘the Matrix’ with music from the much-anticipated Paradise 2, if the trailer he dropped at midnight is anything to go by.

Watch: A-Reece drops trailer teasing new music

Reece, much like Neo from the cult classic movie The Matrix, has been a recluse. Confined in his home studio, the Pretorian rapper has had little contact with the world.

This has done little-to-no damage to his fandom, though, and it seems, finally, A-Reece is ready to offer his audience Paradise 2, the second instalment to his 2016 debut.

Watch the trailer below:

Decoding the Matrix: Is this a Paradise 2 announcement?

It’s been total pandemonium on social media since the 23-year-old teased fans with new content, the first time they had heard from him since 17 April 2020.

Suddenly, it was touted that Reece’s Paradise 2 will be the next offering from the rapper. While this was not explicitly stated, a few clues found in the one-minute, 37-second trailer led fans to believe that in a matter of days we will most certainly be receiving new music from the elusive Reece.

Here are some of the easter eggs we found that suggest new music is on its way:

  • ‘Mash eludes record label’: A picture of MashBeatz features next to this headline from a fictional The Daily News newspaper. An ad can be seen on this slide, supposedly promoting an imaging services company called ‘Money Shots’.
  • 10 August 2020′: The publishing date of this ‘newspaper’ touts the release of this news about MashBeatz to be scheduled for Monday. Is this the release date for a collab effort between Reece and MashBeatz?
  • ‘Enter Paradise, Unlock Your Residual Self Image’: This is the clue that had social media raving about a new album. However, those who aren’t clued up on The Matrix may have totally missed the point of this.

In the Wachowski brothers-produced movie, self residual image is “the subjective appearance of a human while connected to the Matrix.”

So, in the scheme of Reece’s announcement, what does this all mean? We are left with more questions than answers. However, maybe we are thinking too deep into it. This could simply be a notice that Reece is coming with new music, a song titled Money Shots. produced by MashBeats, on Monday 10 August 2020.

The reference to self residual image may just be a nudge at the rap game, alerting the industry of his intentions to ‘Enter Paradise’.