Uncle Vinny

Uncle Vinny bash gets us thinking: Do the youth care about Covid-19 anymore?

26 April 2021 - 16:29

After many witnessed the hundreds of youngsters attending Uncle Vinny’s birthday bash, many were left questioning if they still care about Covid-19.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Are the younger generation forgetting about the Covid-19 pandemic that still runs wild throughout the streets as they continue to attend crowded events, especially after the Uncle Vinny Birthday Bash?

The scenes from the Uncle Vinny Bash

Just over the past weekend, Uncle Vinny threw his birthday bash in Braamfontein seeing hundreds of youngsters flocking to see the young entertainer.

The young entertainer had been hyping the event with a large roster of big names like Riky Rick, Major League DJz, Lucasraps, Blxckie, and many more.

From the videos received from the show, there are clearly no safety regulations put in place and many people found it disturbing to see how the youth didn’t care about the situation the nation is still undergoing.

Understandably, the youth feel they have been robbed of their fun, however, the pandemic is still going on and many of them have chosen to ignore the reality.

It took a whole fleet of police vehicles to shut down the event with the event organisers reportedly being questioned by the police after hundreds of kids continued to party in the middle of the streets.

Hopefully, the hundreds of kids who attended the show arrived home safely and hadn’t spread the deadly virus onto their family members.

Parties continue to occur, having Covid-19 run wild

In recent weeks, South Africa has seen events returning to normality, hosting musicians at live shows and inviting young crowds to attend.

However, it seems event organisers have forgotten that the nation is still dealing with the pandemic which has seen thousands losing their loved ones.

Every city has been guilty of hosting these live events that barely follow any Covid protocols, however, the streets of Johannesburg have been the biggest culprit.

Many have voiced their opinion on how level 3 lockdown regulations will return due to events continuing to go on like this and every weekend it’s looking more likely.