Tyson S.T Dulce

Tyson S.T goes off on his exhilarating ‘Dulcé’ album [audio]

22 April 2021 - 12:38

Tyson S.T finally releases his exciting ‘Dulcé’, working with multiple talents and going on to impress his many fans

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Pretoria rapper, Tyson S.T, finally released his heavily anticipated 2021 project titled Dulcé, allowing listeners to explore the mind of the talented lyricist.

Dulcé: What we learnt from the Tyson S.T project

Tyson S.T has always been a unique recording artist, using his gruff-sounding voice to bring his fans some aggressive yet entertaining music.

On Dulcé, the rapper brings out hard sounding hip-hop, talking about everything that the rapper had been going through in his life like his issues with his opps, his dealings in his love life, his messages to his lost loved ones, and the daily struggles he faces throughout his life as a young musician.

The project is jam-packed with an impressive number of fourteen songs having a run-time of 54:02.

The beat selection was beautifully crafted for the rapper, being produced by himself, Season98, and the criminally underrated Dooushii and, gifting listeners an experience of intense trap sounds utilizing heavy 808s and bass that many identify as the producers’ distinct sound of his production.

The project also has several talented features for the album, with artists like Phiwo, Tron Pyre, Francis Jay, Thato Soul, Miles, aifheli, popsnotthefather, and Huey with every feature doing a great job on their tracks.

Standout tracks were Come As You Are, 23, and 222.

Check out the project, now available on all streaming platforms.

Did Tyson’s album live up to expectation?

Tyson has been a prospect in the hip-hop world, having worked with artists like Roho, Solve The Problem, and Huey Magicman.

This project was hyped for quite some time with the artist creating a buzz around the release of the album.

Tyson was smart in also releasing his 22.04.21 EP on the 1st of April, gifting fans three songs teasing a little taste of what was to come once the project was released.

After the release of the album, it seems many of his fans were satisfied with his release, especially his songs that had some crazy features like Miles appearance on 222 or Phiwo’s feature on 5 More Minutes.

Fans over on social media have been showing mad love towards the project.