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Top 10 SA Hip-Hop visuals that dropped in April

Swisher Post - 03.05.2021

We rank the Top 10 SA hip-hop music videos that released in the month of April 2021.

April was filled with a lot of music video releases from talented South African artists, so we felt it’d be interesting to rank our top 10 Hip-Hop visuals that dropped in April.

10. Rice Krispies – Lordkez ft Money Badoo

After the release of her JUICEBOX EP, Lordkez paired the release with the visual to her track titled Rice Krispies.

The music video has the two talents rapping and singing in a pinked-out bedroom setting with the two sharing great chemistry while they strut their trendy fashion gear.

9. Slime – Majorsteez ft Blxckie and The Big Hash

Majorsteez provides another one of their highly entertaining music videos, bringing their comedic skits into full effect.

The visual follows the young artists joining support groups being coached on how to be a proper slime, aiding them to get the ladies.

The video includes some cool shots using weird motion blur effects, entertaining close-ups, and all in all, the video is a fun viewing experience.


This was a hard decision, having to decide between 031CHOPPA’S GIBEL’IBUS or his hit song USER.

We decided to go with the latter as the visuals of this track are more exciting using vibrant colours and impressive settings.

The video gets the young musicians performing in blue-lit scenarios and even on top of a rooftop in Jozi making this a great and creative visual experience.

7. LiH BiH – Sauwcy and Money Badoo ft Blxcie

This music video is crazy, having the baddie duo bring us a creepy yet entertaining music video.

The two go off causing trouble in the streets while wearing balaclavas and swinging baseball bats with a fun feature from Blxckie hanging upside resembling a bat.

The music video even has a cameo appearance from trap artist VegasXCesar.

The video pairs well with the heavy trap song and is one you don’t want to miss out on.

6. 018’s Finest – Boity ft Ginger Trill and Maglera Doe Boy

Boity brings us a fresh side to her, having 018 Finest bring her back to her roots.

We get a cool music video being shot in the dusty streets of Klerksdorp, North West, where she’s originally from.

The video also has great guest appearances from Ginger Trill, however, it was Maglera Doe Boy’s appearance that stole the show with his unique voice and flow.

5. BLACK – The Big Hash

Coming off his upcoming ARIES project, Hash released the visual to his song BLACK.

The music video uses impressing visual effects having the Young rapper spitting his bars while dancing on a floating platform.

This is one of the more creative music videos Mzansi has seen and Hash did a great job producing this music video.

4. Fire In The Ghetto – Kwesta ft Troublle

The Dakar rapper dropped the powerful music video that wasn’t afraid to speak on real social issues.

The visual reimagines what happens to the women that suffer from gender-based violence in South Africa and what they have to go through.

We get some great shots of Kwesta marching through the streets with women voicing their frustration with the massive problem of women abuse.

3. Derr Boy – Lucasrap$

The young lyricist brings us a hardcore visual experience, pairing well with the heavy trap 808s and bass.

Although the song seems very aggressive, Lucas seems to be having a fun time spitting his crazy bars in front of his Mercedes Benz or running wild on a field.

The visual uses cool snap effects, blurry visual effects, and some exciting shots of the young rapper.

2. Practice – Nadia Nakai ft Vic Mensa

The romantic duo finally released their music video to Nakai’s 2020 hit song alongside the United States rapper.

Nakai and Mensa use this video to show off their chemistry while rapping in some well-designed sets.

This was a cool video and what made it even better was to see one of our own local artists sharing screen time with an international artist.

1. New Friend$ – B3nchMarQ ft A-Reece

B3nchMarQ blessed their fans with the visual to their hit song off their Power Trip Album.

The visual has the duo spitting their impressive bars in front of a petrol station, in a fast car, and around their entourage.

What makes the music video even more special is Reece’s appearance, with the rapper having gone AWOL from appearing in music videos so of course, the music video would find success.