The Big Hash

The Big Hash celebrates his birthday with ‘BLACK’ visualizer [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The Pretoria rapper, singer, and songwriter, The Big Hash, celebrated his 21st birthday by releasing the dope visualizer to his track titled BLACK coming off his ARIES EP.

The Big Hash: What to expect from the BLACK visualizer?

The video begins with Hash crouched inside of a dark black void inside of a retro television set as he raps about his rise in the game and never going back to the bottom.

He proceeds to call out his haters for putting him down in the beginning and this is heard in his lyric “You wanna see me fall, wish you good luck for that”.

The beat immediately switches to a quicker tempo having Hash now standing and dancing while he proves his worth and brags about his achievements.

The visual is a fresh experience, having Hash dancing on a platform hovering above moving LED lights with other shots of Hash still inside one retro TV among hundreds of TVs.

Credit is due towards other rising talents in the production team, Doou$hii, Season98, and Jordan Klem creating a fun and bumpy beat, fitting Hash’s style perfectly.

The video production is also impressive, being done by TakeOver Studios and this visual is a good indicator of how far VFX has come in South Africa.

ARIES EP almost on the way

This is the first official release coming off of Hash’s ARIES album scheduled to release sometime in April.

Many fans around Mzansi have been anticipating this project for weeks, being Hash’s first body of work as an independent artist after he departured from the Innanetwav.

Fans will be interested to see how the project performs and who he will now have to assist him on it.

Many also question if Hash will approach the project with more rapping or use it as an opportunity to explore more of his R&B style.

Either way, fans have been wishing the rapper a happy birthday and praising BLACK over on social media.