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This tweet from Ambitiouz Entertainment pissed Sjava off: Here’s why

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Whoever manages Ambitiouz Entertainment’s Twitter account must have a personal gripe with Emtee and his co-defendant Sjava is sick and tired of it.

Ambitiouz Entertainment trolls Emtee about awards issue

On Monday, Emtee was the butt of the joke after the controversial music label posted a tweet, mocking the rapper about the award plaques they refuse to hand over.

If you have been following the scandal surrounding the Roll Up star’s publicised exit from Ambitouz, you will know that Emtee has been calling on the label to send over the awards that rightfully belong to him.

Except, Ambitouz has, on a number of occasions, made it abundantly clear that Emtee will never receive these.

Whether this has a lot to do with the shoddy contract he signed, is subject to speculation. Alas, seemingly out of the blue, Ambitiouz posted a tweet, reiterating its stance on the awards issue.

Sjava defends Emtee: ‘Don’t let them break you’

Soon afterwards, social media went into a can over how funny the tweet was and Emtee was visibly hurt by this unprovoked trolling from a spiteful label.

First to his defence, though, was Sjava, another ex-Ambitiouz star, with a very influential voice on social media.

The Indlalifa rapper gave little attention to the clout-thirsty label and rather used his powerful voice to remind Emtee of the love and respect his peers have for him.

Ambitiouz claps back at the hate

While some enjoyed the banter, others felt it was distasteful for a record company to taunt a disgruntled artist about property that rightfully belongs to him.

Renowned journo Nkosinathi Shazi replied to the trolling tweet from Ambitiouz, describing it as nothing short of ‘weak’.

The label was quick to rebut this with, “says a guy who bought a verification badge.”

It is safe to say Ambitiouz is not feeling any type of way about their tone of voice on social media and couldn’t care less about Emtee and his plight.