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Shekhinah drops ‘Trouble In Paradise’: Review, tracklist, reactions [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 07.05.2021

Shekhinah explores life after the ‘honeymoon’ phase on ‘Trouble in Paradise’.

Shekhinah has finally released her second studio album Trouble In Paradise and we gave it a few spins. These are our initial thoughts on the project.

Things we learned about Shekhinah on Trouble In Paradise

On her second outing, Thandi Donnell dove deeper into her creative acumen and discovered a new layer of artistry. On Trouble In Paradise, we are met with nuances of Rose Gold where Shekhinah still maintains a level of naivety about her views on love.

However, things aren’t as rosy as before. On Fixate featuring Bey T, the 26-year-old is struck by an epiphany: “Learning to love is a story of us [and] I tore it down.”

Still, Shekhinah clings onto hope and throughout the 12-track project that spans a total run-time of 36 minutes, we are met with more layers of the songstress’ emotional tumblings.

In all, Trouble In Paradise is a sonic voyage of discovery. It’s the perfect allegory to the realities of life after the ‘honeymoon’ phase.

Trouble In Paradise: How to download, tracklist

The songstress’ second album has a healthy balance of guest appearances, from Bey T on Fixate (a Swisher fave) to Luke Goliath and Una Rams, who contributed on Fall Apart and Pick Up, respectively.

The 12-track body of work is out on every digital streaming platform and those with a Spotify account can dive into the audiogasmic experience right here:

Social media reacts to new Shekhinah album

Naturally, Shekhinah’s cult following waited all night for the clock to strike 00:00 so they could consume the album. These were some of the reactions we came across: