Shane Eagle

Here’s our take on ‘Ammo’ by Shane Eagle [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

SA hip-hop was blessed with the release of the hit single Ammo by Shane Eagle featuring YoungstaCPT alongside a brilliant visual.

Ammo: What did we receive from the two stars?

After weeks of anticipation being created by Shane with his subliminal posts on social media, the song finally released on the 26th of March 2021.

With YoungstaCPT assisting the Dark Moon Flower star, they create an exhilarating song getting everything off their chest.

Shane uses the song to flex on everyone about all his accomplishments, his riches, and his attitude towards everyone who put him down.

This is evident in his lyrics where he talks about him being wealthy but still wears Nike Forces, how he wears a single white glove like Michael Jackson representing his success in music, and his multiple threats towards his opposition who might try to do anything to him.

YoungstaCPT explodes onto the scene with his lively flow and his quick-fire lyrical ability.

He continues to emphasize what Shane had previously rapped about while continuing to talk about his Cape Town lifestyle.

The beat is intense with heavy bass and 808s, while an eerie synthetic sound hovers over the beat while peaceful guitar chords goes off in the background.

Although the song was overshadowed by the release of A-Reece’s project, it is still one not to be missed out on.

Check out the song, now available on all streaming platforms.

How Shane Eagle showed off Cape Town’s beauty

Also having dropped on the same day, the visual for the track was met with wide praise.

The music video sees Eagle and YoungstaCPT exploring the different sides of the Mother City.

They’re seen rapping the lush mountain sides of the City, the high-rise buildings of the CBD, and the famous Cape Flats neighborhoods that Youngsta represents.

The music video is a beautiful visual experience with impressive shots displaying the true image of Cape Town.

Watch the visual, now available on YouTube.