Roho unveils his ‘Niagara’ EP alongside Earlswavy

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Fans of R&B singer, Roho, were gifted a three-track EP titled Niagara, presenting a bunch of demo tracks produced by the talented Earlswavy.

What to expect from Niagara

Roho is well known for crafting beautiful ballads where he expresses his emotions through soft alternative R&B sounds that explore different quirky sounds.

On the EP, Roho displays his beautiful vocal ability going on to sing about his moments in his life with the lover he has indulged with.

Although the project is short, it takes us on a journey showing us the ups and downs in Roho’s life especially on the track Calvin Klein where he details the emotional struggle of going through a rough patch with his lover.

The beats, produced by Earlswavy, were beautifully crafted with mesmerizing guitar chords strumming in the background while strange noises hover above the soft beat creating an enchanting environment.

This is a beautifully constructed tape and it surprises many that these were demo tracks, and it’s a shame it was only three-tracks long as I’m sure it’s left many begging for more from the talented singer.

Why music lovers can’t get enough of Roho

Although it seems Roho has recently begun to gain notoriety, the singer has been involved in the music scene for a while now.

Starting his journey through Soundcloud, his first popular song, titled Sprint, released back in 2018 where he gained attention from music lovers with the song currently sitting on 11 000 streams on Soundcloud.

The singer went on to work with admired producer Dooushii releasing more music like Cell Division and NSA with his other solo work 19 HEALERS, Renegade, and SEXTAPE all being successful singles from the singer.

However, it was the release of his 2020 debut album Ephemeral that elevated his career having the track Lose Yourself, Movies, and Hydr8 impressing music lovers.

It’s no surprise the singer has been receiving large amounts of support with fans finding his music therapeutic and hypnotizing and the release of Niagara has been receiving love all over social media.