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RHO Durban: Five things you didn’t know about Ayanda Ncwane

Published by Andile Sicetsha

The second episode of Real Housewives of (RHO) Durban has dropped on Showmax and already, Ayanda Ncwane is proving to be a fan-favourite.

RHO Durban: Ayanda Ncwane is a fan-favourite

The 36-year-old widow of the late gospel star Sfiso, has captured the hearts of many viewers. Some love her bubbly personality. Others see another side to her, an edgy version of her extroverted self that comes out during confessionals.

On the first episode, Ncwane’s story stood out when a bombshell was dropped on her by Nonku Williams, a descendant of Durban’s age-old aristocrats.

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Williams told Ncwane that she was, in fact, mothering Sfiso’s daughter. While this was surprising to the widow, it confirmed suspicions she had expressed in her book For the Love of Sfiso Ncwane.

“I knew that with him far away from mend with almost no contact, he’d eventually find someone else,” she wrote.

With such a gobsmacking revelation, Ncwane was applauded by many viewers for the restraint she practised. Episode two, without revealing any spoilers, will delve deeper into this dark chapter of Ncwane’s life as the wife of a superstar.

Five things you may not have known about Ncwane

It’s quite evident that the 36-year-old is on course to become the show’s staple cast member. So, to help her growing fanbase, we dug a little deeper into the elusive life of Ncwane and found five things you may have not known about her.

She met her late husband when she was 18

Ncwane’s relationship with her late husband is very important to her. Yes, it was rocky, but their connection was very powerful. However, what many people don’t know is that she and Sfiso knew each other long before they got married.

In fact, in her book, Ncwane revealed that they met for the first time in Johannesburg, when she was 18 and hungry for an opportunity in the film and modelling industry.

In her recollection from that day in 2003, she remembered their short encounter ending with Sfiso professing that he would marry her.

She experienced a horrific trauma as a teen

As fierce as she seems, Ncwane has been through it all as a teen. The mom of two was, at one point in her life, attacked by a neighbour who attempted to sexually assault her.

Fortunately, she managed to fight off the attacker and called for help before any harm was done one her. From what we know, the neighbour was never prosecuted for the attempted rape.

Ayanda and her mom-in-law have a fiery history

Those who have followed Ncwane for a long time may know that she and Sfiso’s mother Irene have had a rough history. From the 36-year-old’s perspective, her in-laws have always seen her as a gold digger and nothing more. This, however, doesn’t bother her much.

“I still regard his biological mother as my family and I wish ne day she’ll accept me,” she told Drum Magazine in 2017.

Her first gig in Johannesburg was a waitress

When Ncwane left home to pursue her acting career in Johannesburg, the first job she landed was as a waitress, according to Briefly.

She was born and raised in Ndwedwe

Ncwane is a true Zulu woman. She was born and raised in Ndwedwe, a village situated 60km north of central Durban.

RHO Durban airs on DStv’s 1Magic every Friday. The full episode is also available on Showmax for paid subscribers.