Phantom Steeze

Phantom Steeze releases ‘Kuku’ revamping ‘Beatbox Freestyle’ [audio]

23 April 2021 - 13:47

Phantom Steeze puts his own twist to ‘Beatbox’ with his own track ‘Kuku’ elevating high-intensity hip-hop.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

The rapper and dancer from Tembisa, Phantom Steeze, dropped his single titled Kuku being heavily influenced by SPOTEMGOTEM’s viral song, Beatbox.

How Phantom Steeze made ‘Kuku’ a fun tune

Phantom Steeze has always been known for his high energized songs that most dancers would appreciate using heavy base, 808s, and a fast yet simple tempo for anyone to dance to.

He does the same thing on Kuku, blending all these exciting elements and gifting Mzansi an entertaining song for people to enjoy.

However, those who listen to a lot of hip-hop, will notice a lot of similarities between Steeze’s song and SPOTEMGOTEM’s hit song Beatbox, using the same tempo and even a similar piano key structure to it.

Not that it’s a bad thing. The beat was produced by Champuru Makhenzo and Tumi Tladi who are well known for creating most of Costa Titch’s energetic music.

It will be no surprise to see this song succeed as it has the potential to go viral as one of the newer trends or challenges which the youth are always eager to gobble up.

Check out the song, now available on all streaming platforms.

Phantom is another who brings the energy

Although many criticize South African hip-hop for being boring and unoriginal, there definitely is a love for the high-energy hip-hop music we’ve seen throughout South Africa.

Most of these tunes are being crafted by former dancers who understand and know how to make people dance along with their music bringing a higher level of liveliness to their songs.

Probably the biggest artist to do it right now, Costa Titch blew up for dominating this sound, especially after the release of his Nkalakatha remix alongside AKA and Riky Rick.

Phantom is another to do it well in Mzansi and we can’t wait to hear what else he has to release for the energetic hip-hop lovers.