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Pearl Thusi goes on Twitter blocking spree after ‘Lerato’ backlash

Swisher Post - 24.08.2020

#PearlThusi has retired to instagram where she has yet to issue a statement on the backlash she faced for interviewing rape-accused #TolAssMo.

Pearl Thusi may still be reeling from the mounting backlash she faced on social media over the weekend.

This is why Pearl Thusi protected her Twitter account

To get peace of mind from all the hate that came from BET Africa’s Behind The Story teaser, the actress went on a blocking spree on Twitter and unfortunately, we too were not spared.

Whether the hatred towards Thusi, brought on by mere affiliation to an accused sexual abuser, is warranted is subject to debate.

The actress and host of Behind The Story was only doing her job, and the energy ought to be focused towards retired comedian Mongezi ‘TolAssMo’ Mahlangu, some have argued.

While others held Thusi and BET Africa accountable for failing to “read the room.”

BET Africa pulls TolAssMo interview from Behind The Story

You see, earlier this month budding actress and model Lerato Moloi revealed that in 2014, while on location in Paarl, Western Cape, she was allegedly raped by TolAssMo.

In her statement, Moloi didn’t specify the reason behind her six-year silence or failure to act on this alleged savagery but she did admit that her ‘coming out’ was an attempt to “fully heal and move forward from these traumas.”

A lot has happened since Moloi lambasted TolAssMo with these allegations on social media.

In an environment where issues of violence against women are rife, it would behove BET Africa to treat TolAssMo’s appearance on Thusi’s Behind The Story with a bit more sensitivity.

Rightly so, the US cable network issued a statement following the backlash, announcing that the interview with TolAssMo and his wife Mome will be stricken off the series.

This, however, was a little too late in the court of public opinion. if anything, this retrospective action only fuelled the Thusi hate train.

Here are just some of the tweets that we picked out from the backlash the actress faced:

No statement has been issued by Thusi or her handlers. It appears that the directive is to mute the noise until social media is triggered by something else.