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Pearl Thusi faces hectic backlash over misplaced comment

Published by Swisher Post

It’s pretty evident that Pearl Thusi has a target on her back. It seems that the level of scrutiny she faces on social media is that of a person who is, for better or worse, misunderstood.

A simple reactionary comment the actress left on Khanyi Mbau’s Instagram post — about her recently deceased father — drew ire from the anti-Thusi clan.

For those who were peeved by this apparent lack of empathy, the ‘hectic’ comment was misplaced and ill-timed.

Mbau is sorely grieving the loss of her father Menzi Mcunu and the post was to inform those who want to pay their respects of the memorial service taking place on Wednesday.

“I’m so sorry,” Rouge replied. Comedian Nina Hastie also left a comment on the post, which read:

“Beloved you’ve had a really challenging year and I send my deepest condolences. May he rest in eternal peace. Sending you absolute love and comfort, you’re loved. I’m so so sorry for your loss.”

Thusi’s since-deleted comment was, “hectic.” To some, this was flatulent from the actress.

In an uncharacteristic move, Thusi took the time to respond to the backlash, claiming that she had consoled Mbau in a recent interview that was filmed “a few weeks ago.”

“I interviewed Khanyi [Mbau] a few weeks ago and we spoke of her father quite intensely. This is why for me this is hectic. My father died this year, hectic. So much is happening and I care about Khanyi… she knows what we’ve discussed. But you can all carry on,” Thusi wrote.