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A break down of Nadia Nakai’s ‘More Drugs’ music video [video]

Avuya Walters - 19.01.2020

Take a deep dive into the visuals of Nadia Nakai’s More Drugs.

Family Tree’s First Lady, Nadia Nakai has dropped off the visuals to her melancholic heartbreak song, More Drugs, which features Tshego, and we are here to break it all down for you.

Nadia Nakai has been on a streak of wins since she released her debut album, Nadia Naked, in the latter parts of 2019.

The rapstress is hard at work in solidifying her place in South African rap history as the baddest bitch to ever do it.

Breaking down Nadia Nakai, More Drugs, music video

Nadia Nakai lent the assistance of newcomer, Tshego, whose 2019 made him realise one thing: he needs a manager to take care of the demands that come with being a bustling artist.

The art direction of the music video, in our observation, accentuates the rapstress’ lyrics.

Nadia Nakai was played by a man she trusted. To avenge her broken heart, a grief-stricken Nakai, acting purely out of rage, commits murder and the video starts where she is preparing to dispose of the body.

A melancholic Tshego croons on from a dilapidated building, bringing to life the emotions of loss, resentment and regret.

Towards the end of the video, Nakai, fully clothed in a black two-piece suit — a sign of mourning — re-emerges from the cracked walls of the abandoned building with her head held high.

More than anything, she mourns the death of failed relationships with people who were disloyal and self-serving, something we can all relate to.

This is our verdict…

The execution of the video scores very highly on our charts. The minimalist use of locations made it easy to take in all that was happening.

The music video was handled by the good folks at Studio Space Productions (SSP) and it was officially released on Friday, 17 January.

It has already garnered more than 32 000 hits on YouTube and based on early readings, its view-count should grow to reach the coveted six-figure mark very soon.