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Moshe Ndiki reveals the name of his baby boy

Swisher Post - 28.09.2020

Moshe Ndiki welcomed his baby boy today and his name is absolutely beautiful.

Moshe Ndiki was hit with a moment of epiphany, as he revealed the news of his newborn baby: “I’m gonna be a dad.”

Moshe Ndiki is a father: What is his son’s name?

The comedian and TV presenter revealed in a series of tweets that he has welcomed a baby boy, through surrogacy.

“Thank you to my doctor, my fertility clinic, my friend Sabelo who helped me start and my surrogate, what a journey we have travelled and still to travel… I’m gonna be a dad,” the emotional Ndiki tweeted.

Moshe Ndiki’s son is only a few hours old and already, the nation has embraced his name, Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander Ndiki.

Here’s how Baby Ndiki was born

Surrogacy is a popular alternative for couples who, for various reasons, can’t conceive. Many surrogate agencies operate in South Africa, assisting heterosexual and LGBTQI couples in the sensitive gestational journey.

Ndiki’s process was no different. A woman, presumably sourced by a surrogate agency, was artificially inseminated with sperm (Ndiki’s, in this case). She carried the entire pregnancy with guidance and support from the comedian and all medical professionals involved in the process.

Mzansi reacts to Ndiki’s epic unveiling

Since the announcement, fans of the star have been crowding his mentions with support and countless congratulations. Ndiki was still settling into the realisation that he is legally responsible for human life of his own making.

“I’m shaking, where the hell is this boy going as I was enjoying my youth? No manners at all, Thalanda wtf dawg,” Ndiki cried in a tweet.

Here are some of the reactions we picked out from social media: