Moozlie on making WAP-esque music: ‘My vibes are a little different’

Published by Avuya Walters

Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena shared her thoughts — which we are discouraged by, by the way — on making music in the same vein as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit WAP.

The single is expected to chart at the top of next week’s Billboard Hot 100 and conquer the airwaves for a very long time, unsurprisingly so.

Its vulgar lyricism is what every feminist has fought for and if you, a man, feel perturbed by these women owning their sexuality, you’re a mysogynist.

Would Moozlie ever make a song similar to WAP?

A fan who’se clearly had WAP on repeat asked her favourite South African rapper Moozlie if she would ever consider making a song in the same taste and we are disappointed to say, she didn’t exactly say, yes.

In response, Moozlie said:

“If that spirit hit me one day maybe? but personally, my vibes are [a] lil [sic] different.”

It may be futile but there is a glimmer of hope, still. You see, Moozlie didn’t outrightly rule out the chances of a song of this erotic nature. In fact, she agreed that sex sells and it’s what people want.

Besides, her “ass pics really be poppin [sic] on the Gram.” We took a non-invasive peek into her Instagram timeline and detected no lies. Case in point:

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