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Moozlie sounds off on new single ‘I’m A Star’: Download info, reactions

Andile Sicetsha - 05.05.2020

Moozlie is a star and she knows it. Check out her brand new single right here.

The tenacity of Moozlie is the reason we can allow her passage to beat her chest and claim, “I’m a star.”

Moozlie is back: Where does she rank in the best femcees list?

There is no way to measure this as a fact. It is purely subjective in nature and hey, if the proof is in the pudding then Moozlie is a sufflè.

It will be a while before we truly forgive the 27-year-old for the stunt she pulled last year on a poorly executed ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign.

Alas, the eccentric rapstress has weathered that storm and come out on greener pastures, serving us all that Fashion Week bawdy and radio charting hits.

This time, the wait felt a bit too long for the anticipated release of I’m A Star, her first solo single in 2020.

It’s hard to rank Moozlie in the list of South Africa’s best emcees. The rapping thing comes second to her presenter and MC gigs, it appears.

Also, her music catalogue is not vast enough to place her alongside ‘the greats’. However, one thing you can’t take away from Moozlie is the raw talent and the star factor she possesses.

Moozlie drops I’m A Star: Where to download

The 27-year-old is back on the music circuit with I’m A Star and the single release is available on every digital streaming platform.

You can also listen to it in full below:

Social media reacts to new Moozic

Moozlie’s supporters are a very patient bunch. The release of I’m A Star came at the perfect time for the group and boy did they let everyone know on social media.

These are some of the reactions we picked out from Twitter: