Major Steez

Major Steez team up with The Big Hash and Blxckie to release ‘Slime’

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The hip hop duo, known as Major Steez, finally released their hyped-up jam titled Slime, having an appearance from The Big Hash and the popping Blxckie.

What to expect from Slime

The brothers from Major Steez use this song to show off their singing talent, especially Steez, creating one of the catchiest hooks in the game right now.

The song talks about how the brothers have to deal with their own troubles in their lives, but they always manage to solve them because of their friends around them or what’s also known as slime.

This is clear in the chorus when Steez says “I got problems, 99, but I conquer and divide” showing that his pals always have his back.

They continue to talk about their genuine designer clothing, their expensive nightlife spending, and what they have to go through when it comes to the ladies, like seeing their ID to prove they’re over 18.

The feature from Blxckie and Hash was also entertaining with Blxckie spitting his unsurprisingly impressive bars while Hash stole the show with his hard bars even though his appearance was super short leaving fans begging for more.

All in all the song was enjoyable, with a fun bouncy hip-hop beat, a catchy chorus, and a satisfactory guest appearance from Blxckie and Hash.

Major Steez: The next best hip-hop duo?

On the brothers’ official Twitter, they couldn’t help but show love towards Channel O’s TV show Massive Music for declaring the pair as the next best hip-hop duo.

Many feel this may be possible after the release of their hit single titled Lies alongside the hit-maker Costa Titch and Uncle Vinny racking up as much 235 000k views on YouTube.

The brothers from Johannesburg have yet to release any solid body of work with The Love Triangle EP being their only released project.

However, the duo has released some impressive singles over the years like D.N.D featuring Nikita Dawson, YIN YANG featuring Chris Saiyan, and Cum To My Senses alongside Thxbi.

South Africa hasn’t seen many successful hip-hop duos in a while, with B3nchMarQ being the last duo to actually make some sort of an impact in the hip-hop world.

This is clearly the best opportunity for the brothers to become the next hip-hop duo to really shake things up in the game.