MacG finds trouble again after risky Boity comment

20 April 2021 - 10:49

MacG get’s himself into more trouble after making a comment on Boity being yet another celeb he’s caused problems with

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Hip-hop personality and popular podcast host, MacG, came under fire after comments he made on Boity Thulo’s sexual life, leading many to criticize the host for his choice of words.

What could MacG have said that could’ve infuriated Boity fans?

On an episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, the host, who always seems to find himself in trouble, decided it’d be fun to participate in a game of ‘f*ck, marry or kill’, which was requested by an audience member.

Of course, they were keen alongside his co-host, Sol Phenduka, and guest celebrity on the show, Nota, who eagerly awaited the answer from Mac with the options being Thando Thabethe, Bonang, and Boity.

Sol started, preferring to marry Boity, spend the night with Bonang and kill Thando receiving a wave of laughter from the crowd.

However, it was MacG’s answer that got things heated, stating that he’d marry Bonang, spend the night with Thando and kill Boity with his reasoning being “my problem is everyone has f*cked Boity” leaving the fans howling with laughter, including Nota with his hilarious laugh.

This lead to outrage over on social media, with users calling out Mac for what they believed to be unnecessary and inappropriate comments on Boity.

However, they were some users who found nothing wrong with what Mac said and instead retaliated by referring to how Boity once called men roaches” calling out her fans for their double standards.

Wherever Mac goes, trouble always finds him

This isn’t the first time the popular YouTuber has been in boiling water for his actions.

In February of 2021, Mac went off on Thando Thabethe, calling her a fraud and that nobody cared about her after he had seen her numbers for her podcast.

“We should’ve seen this coming. That’s why 5FM demoted her to graveyard. They saw that she’s a scam. Should’ve seen it from there, shut your mouth and post nudes on Instagram, that’s what you know best,” Mac said.

This came after the YouTuber had refused to apologize for his actions, seeing himself cancelled on social media after seeming to mock transgender women, receiving widespread hate from the LGBTQI+ community, with Thando joining in on cancelling him.

He’s also been in previous troubles, however, the podcast star has always been vocal about how his platform isn’t a TV or radio show and that he has always felt that he or his guests were always comfortable to say whatever is on their mind.