Lordkez announces her new ‘JUICEBOX’ EP

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

South African singer, Lordkez surprised many with her announcement of her EP titled JUICEBOX scheduled to release on the 30th of April.

What can we expect from the third EP from Lordkez?

The talented singer and songwriter revealed her third body of work titled JUICEBOX, unveiling the cover art, tracklist, and release date.

The Sunday singer has been receiving a lot of praise over the past year especially after her release of Charcotta, so it comes as no surprise that fans can’t contain their excitement.

However, the tracklist only has four songs proving to be her shortest body of work.

The only other artist expected to feature on the project is the exciting Money Badoo which could prove to be an interesting track.

This album will be highly anticipated and many will question if Kez will stick to her normal jazzy lofi hip-hop sound or explore new and different sounds.

Can this be her best work so far?

Having only released two other projects so far, with Charcotta having earned major plaudits nationwide, can JUICEBOX be her best work yet?

Even so, the young singer from Kimberley, Northern Cape, has achieved a lot in such a short time under the Stay Low Management.

She’s gone on to already have two decent projects in Revenge Season (2019) and Charcotta (2020) working with artists like J-Tek and Priddy Ugly.

She’s also had other impressive accomplishments like having her face on one of the advertising screens in the famous Times Square in New York.

The singer was also announced as one of the performers at one of the biggest music festivals Rocking The Daisies scheduled to commence later this year.

Not many musicians in South Africa have achieved such accomplishments, and with Kez already having these feats under her belt, she can achieve even greater in her career as a musician.