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Sliqe, Christyle drop three-pack ‘Kennel Room 2’ [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 04.06.2021

Here’s our take on Sliqe and Christyle’s ‘Kennel Room 2’

Sliqe and Christyle make up the dynamic duo known as The Kennel and on Friday, the pair dropped Kennel Room 2, a three-pack featuring the likes of Zingah, Money Badoo and Lady Zamar.

Swisher take on Kennel Room 2

One of the most frustrating things about this streaming era is that artists have become conscious about the length of time they anticipate an audience will spend on their projects.

Now more than ever, extended plays (EPs) are preffered over traditional music rollouts. Before the streaming era, fans got two or three single releases before an album. Today, artists tease with one-to-two-minute songs then release a short EP.

As safe of a play this may be for the artist, it does leave music fanatics irritated. And, that’s the thing with Kennel Room 2. It’s such a wavy composition of songs, that only serving a three-pack makes it a huge injustice.

Sliqe and Christyle may have a lot to answer for becuse surely, their fanbase wants a greater effort displayed.

Swisher take: Christyle gets the shine he deserves on this wavy three-pack. If you like to create a lo-fi ambience in your workspace, then this EP will fit right in. The stand-out record, in our opinion, is I Do featuring Lady Zamar.

How to download/stream Kennel Room 2

Kennel Room 2 is available on every digital streaming platform and you can check it out below: