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LISTEN: Nasty C delivers ‘Best I Ever Had’ [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 04.06.2021

Nasty C teamed up with Jordan Fulton for a dose of misogyny on ‘Best I Ever Had’.

Nasty C has put his time spent in the United States (US) to good use if his latest release Best I Ever Had is anything to go by.

Swisher take on Best I Ever Had

The Zulu rapper has not let off an ounce of steam since the last time he dropped his acclaimed project Zulu Man With Some Power.

From bossing features to rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities, Nasty’s pace is consistently on the upswing. This time, the rapper dropped off a single produced by US-based Jordan Fulton.

On this record, Nasty declares his undying love for his ratchet b****. She ghetto, got hella lip and he can’t tell her s*** but, hey, at least her skull is like her ass, “that s*** hella thick.”

If you are looking for anything meaningful to apply to your life, from this record, then it may save you time to go ahead and skip out on it. However, the booty shakers and big steppas will definitely enjoy this short dose of misogyny.

Swisher take: This has to be a throwaway record to trick the streaming system. With a high replay value, this song will be on repeat on many platforms, and will probably be funnelled into every possible playlist.

How to download/stream Nasty C Best I Ever Had

Best I Ever Had is out on every digital streaming platform and you can check it out below.