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Gemini Major tags Anatii for ‘Loke Loke’: Listen here [audio]

Avuya Walters - 13.08.2020

You can now stream Gemini Major’s single #LokeLoke featuring Anatii right here:

Gemini Major has released a brand new single titled Loke Loke featuring Anatii and by the sounds of it, this banger promises to be a fixture in summer playlists.

Listen: Gemini Major drops Loke Loke

This is the second time we have heard a collaborative effort from these two, in a year. Last time around, Gemini Major and Anatii shared space on Batundi’s Sexy Love.

The famed producers have never linked up for a duet until now. Loke Loke is a song Gemini Major has teased for quite some time and finally, it has been released from the vault for consumption

You can check out the song below:

Is Gemini Major releasing an album soon?

At this time, Gemini Major has made no statements about an album. The producer lends most of his time making hits for others, his most recent being the appearance he made on AKA’s Energy.

However, we can’t rule this out. The last time he dropped an album was five years ago, with his self-released debut Gem n Eye.

The arrival of the Anatii-featured record could be the start of an album campaign but we will stray away from speculating any further until concrete statements have been made by the producer.