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LEAKED: Ashleigh Ogle disses Flvme in unreleased song [audio]

Andile Sicetsha - 09.04.2021

Ashleigh Ogle held nothing back in her diss record aimed at Flvme. Here’s an exclusive snippet of the Scooby Nero-featured song.

It’s pretty clear at this point that no love is lost between ex-lovers Ashleigh Ogle and Flvme.

Flvme’s shambolic love woes continue

At least, this is true for the former. Around this time last year, South Africa’s Hip-Hop world was thrust into a public spat between the couple that ended in Flvme taking an involuntary L.

The ex-Wrecking Crew crooner found out in a Twitter debacle with J Molley’s manager Nav Albers that Ogle had allegedly ‘been passed around’, a claim that was backed up by irrefutable evidence.

It would appear that the couple had moved past this viral moment, each going their separate ways. However, Flvme’s pursuit of happiness with his new squeeze Gabby was short-lived.

The rapper was forced into a public squabble where he categorically denied the pair was ever an item in the first place.

Gabby would echo the same sentiment on her Instagram page, claiming that their little ‘fling’ was purely business.

LEAKED: Ashleigh Ogle disses Flvme in unreleased song

In the midst of all this, Ogle had seemingly moved past her relationship drama. Well, that is what we all thought before we were hit with a scoop on a song the 30-year-old recently recorded with Nigerian rapper Scooby Nero.

The song is reportedly slated to drop on Monday 12 April but a snippet of it was anonymously sent to us by a source. In the 45-second clip, Ogle croons over a pacey beat, singing about how bad of a b** she is.

Particularly interesting, though, are these lines in her verse which are clearly directed at Flvme:

“F* my ex-n* he ain’t down with the s***.”

If Ogle had hoped to be discreet with her jab, Scooby Nero absolutely did her no favours. In the song, the rapper comes on after Ogle’s part with complete disrespect towards Flvme, claiming he could take him out with a single drop of water and “spit on his head.”

In the clip, which you can check out before, Ogle is clearly seen in a behind-the-scenes shot of her recording the song, which coincidentally coincides with this picture she posted on Instagram:

Here’s the leaked snippet:

Whether Flvme is aware of the heat that’s coming his way is not known, at this time.