Fans react to new A-Reece snippet [audio]

Published by Avuya Walters

A-Reece is clearly on an album rollout campaign and on Wednesday, the rapper teased his cult fanbase with what sounds like his follow-up to Residual Self Image.

The slow-burning snippet sees the Pretoria rapper reflect on his position in the rap game. In one of the bars, A-Reece beats his chest, claiming that he is “well revered in this faculty.”

Listen: A-Reece drops new snippet

The quality of the audio snippet sounds like a raw and untouched mix. Therefore, judging it in is incomplete form is something we are not going to do.

With the little information we have, it seems likely that the song is produced by MashBeatz and features a guest appearance from up-and-coming rapper Dave Fieri.

You can listen to the untitled snippet below:

Fans react to new Reece snippet

If A-Reece was a potent drug, his fanbase would be feinds right now. The rapper has, for the longest time, been starved of a new project.

So, any sight of movement from his social media causes a frenzy. Sure enough, the snippet he posted on social media on Wednesday sparked polarising reactions from fans of his music.

Some felt that the rapper has lost his touch and that the cape he supposedly wears as the saviour of South African Hip-Hop is a farce.

One user replied to the snippet and accused A-Reece of being overhyped.

“This (sp) fans of yours are lying to you. They won’t buy your music serious. Us who buy music get hurt chief. You can do better.. Try to work with other producers (different sounds and vibes) we can’t play that kinda music in the club. Chief come on,” the user wrote.

This sentiment was echoed by others who claim that “this dude always sound the same man, even the beats.”

Despite the negative comments, the snippet did receive praise from those who appreciate the 23-year-old’s penmanship. These are just some of the reactions we picked out on social media:

The song has no release date.