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Kwesta’s daughter has a birthday wish and it’s cuteness overload

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Kwesta’s daughter Khai Asemahle Vilakazi is winning over large crowds with her cuteness. The six-year-old’s birthday is coming up and the last thing she wants is a doll.

The Katlehong rapper shared a video clip of a conversation he had with his daughter about what she would like as a gift this year. Often, kids her age want toys and expensive figurines.

Khai, however, is different. At such a young age, Kwesta’s daughter is a conscientious little princess. She has understood that in these trying times, the least we should care about is material gain.

This realisation is mind-blowing and tear-jerking for any parent and Kwesta was no different.

“Her birthday is coming up and I was tryina (sp) save money for LOL and OMG dolls but she ain’t bout that life… She wants to save the world!,” the rapper tweeted.

When is Khai Vilakazi’s birthday?

For her birthday, which falls on Tuesday 13 October 2020, the same day as her mom’s Yolanda, Khai wants medical supplies for her very own coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine project.

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Probed by her dad, the six-year-old detailed her plan to save those suffering from the deadly pathogen.

Watch: Kwesta’s daughter shares her birthday wish

The clip is full of cuteness and we just can’t get over it. See for yourself.

When is Khai’s sibling coming into this world?

In case you were not aware, Khai is soon to become the eldest sibling in a family that is expanding. In August, Kwesta and Yolanda announced that they were expecting their second child.

At a virtual gender reveal party, forced by the Covid-19-influenced lockdown regulations, the Vilakazis announced that Khai will have a baby sister to look after.

Expected delivery dates are not known at this stage but Yolanda’s baby bump suggests that it won’t be too long.