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Khuli Chana drops trailer to new Trace talk show

Andile Sicetsha - 22.10.2020

Khuli Chana and Trace Urban dropped the official trailer to #TheOriginators. Watch it here:

By the looks of it, Khuli Chana and Trace Urban may be moments away from premiering the brand new music docu-series slash talk show The Originators.

Watch: Khuli Chana drops The Originators trailer

Still, the rapper and the French music channel have remained mum about the date of the premiere.

We have tried to lift the veil as well, looking for an inkling of a clue but, unfortunately, the Chana-Trace team has kept the cards very close to their chests with this one.

Without so much as an idea on when this new show is coming, Chana thought it was fair to give us a taste of what to expect from The Originators.

Here is the official trailer to the music talk show:

What we know about Khuli’s talk show

We recently reported that the premise of the talk show would be about Chana having conversations with prominent South African musicians — and we were spot on.

The show will see the Basadi rapper document the timelines of many of our favourite stars and how they made it to where they are in their respective careers.

From what we witnessed in the trailer, The Originators will feature appearances from the likes of Focalistic, DJ P.H, Nadia Nakai and more.

The Originators was initially slated for an October release but with nine more days until the month ends, it seems unlikely.

We will just have to keep our DStv decoders set on channel 325 for further updates on the premiere.