Kamo Mphela

Kamo Mphela gets Mzansi grooving with her ‘Nkulunkulu’ EP [audio]

9 April 2021 - 16:42

Kamo Mphela releases her ‘Nkulunkulu’ EP getting the whole nation pumped for the weekend.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Popular dancer and musician, Kamo Mphela, finally released her EP titling it Nkulunkulu, taking the same name as her hit single.

How Kamo Mphela used the ‘Nkulunkulu’ EP to re-energize Amapiano

Although the EP only consists of four songs with a short run time of 23:23, the project is enough to get the nation on its feet and dancing throughout the night.

Kamo gifts amapiano listeners with some decent amapiano beats provided by some of the best amapiano DJs in South Africa.

Kamo also does a decent job at riding the beat with her catchy flows and snappy hooks for each song.

The project features multiple guest appearances to assist the dancer with names like Vigro Deep, Mfr Souls, LuuDadeejay, Reece Madlisa, Major League Djz.

Besides Nkulunkulu being a popular track already, we can already predict the track 100 Shooter featuring Reece Madlisa and Major League Djz will be the standout track.

The other two songs titled Mamazala and Percy Tau are also decent efforts from the singer and the project in whole is a fun listening experience.

Check out the EP, available now on all streaming platforms.

Nkulunkulu already a hit in Mzansi

Kamo only recently returned to the music scene after the release of her single also titled Nkulunkulu.

That song came out only two weeks ago with the music video also releasing over on YouTube that impressed the nation with the exciting visual experience.

However, after only being out for less than a month, the video already sits around 1.1m views on YouTube.

This is massive numbers for any South African artist and clearly shows that Kamo has the star quality to dominate the house scene if she really wanted to.

Kamo Mphela’s fans have been showing the dancer and singer from Durban all kinds of love all over social media.