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WATCH: K.O sets a new demon time on ‘Khova’ [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 07.05.2021

K.O affirms his place on SA Hip-Hop’s ‘Mount Rushmore’ with ‘Khova’. Check out our breakdown of the Ted Magerman-directed music video.

23:58 might be the new demon time after rapper K.O delivered the release of his latest smasher Khova.

A deep dive into the music video

A lot takes place in the Ted Magerman-directed visual. A wide-angled motion shot showing a womanly figure on her knees inside a cathedral captures our attention, as an age-old indigenous hustler’s anthem bellows in our ears.

The significance of the ‘Sunday 00:01’ timestamp places relevance to the events that transpired only minutes before. The deception in this scene is found later on in the video and shows the creative genius behind the storyboard writer Magerman.

K.O, clad in his Skhanda World merch, takes on many roles in the narrative. He is the card scammer who defends his earnings against invaders. He is the ignorant and irresponsible breadwinner whose son walks in on him doing ‘the deed’ with a woman that may not be the baby mother.

K.O is also the street poet who floats about the township, bringing to life the realities of millions of South African men stuck with nothing but a rand note and a thirst for survival.

K.O drops Khova: How to download

Needless to say, K.O’s impeccable aim has not waivered, all these years at the top of the rap game. From the Lunatik Beatz-produced ‘sgubhu’, to the witty lyrics, the Skhanda Republic founder is in a league of his own and Khova is the proof.

The single dropped on every digital streaming platform on Friday, along with the visuals which you can check out below: