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Joda Kgosi debuts ‘Sour Milk’ EP: Review, tracklist

Andile Sicetsha - 02.07.2021

Joda Kgosi’s manifesto on relationships is fully detailed on her metaphoric ‘Sour Milk’ EP.

Joda Kgosi may be an adolescent but her take on love and relationships, which is the central theme of her debut EP Sour Milk, is matured way beyond her age.

Unpacking Joda Kgosi’s Sour Milk

Kgosi’s perspective of romanticism departs from the foyer of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. In her story that’s depicted vividly in her seven-track debut offering, the songstress opens up about the throes of her past relationships, from the good to the bad.

“As a whole, I’m reflecting on things that have happened. I’m welcoming you into my thoughts and inviting you to go through my sorrow with me,” she reveals to Apple Music.

To Kgosi, the end to a relationship is like discarding sour milk. While many would disagree and stress that it is much harder to let go than one thinks, the songstress has a wildly different take.

“There’s this popular quote people say to the ones they love: ‘In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you’. That’s ‘cause they’re the most beautiful thing to ever happen to them. I say, ‘In a room full of art, I’d still stare at the art, ‘cause I know for a fact, the art won’t break my heart’. I might see something beautiful that makes me cry, but it won’t make me feel the hurt that person did. It’s like goodbye, peace out… our good relationship turned sour and I know you regret what you did, but I don’t care,” she explains.

This theme presents itself in every song on Kgosi’s debut offering. A few spins of the 18-minute project turned up favourite tracks like How Dare You and Meant To Be.

While there are very few misses in the project, the songstress’ limited vocal range did bring a monotonous feel to the listening experience.

Also, it is quite clear that Kgosi is still very early in her career and has quite a long way to go in mastering her craft in songwriting and compiling a medley of moods.

How to download Joda Kgosi new album

Sour Milk is available for download on every digital streaming platform. You can also stream the seven-track EP below: