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Black Coffee responds to Alexandra Cane dating rumours

Swisher Post - 05.08.2020

#BlackCoffee is in St Tropez laughing at us peasants for drumming up claims that he is dating #AlexandraCane

It seems that Mzansi is keeping a close watch on the moves of revered DJ Black Coffee on ‘Lover’s Lane’ and he could not be bothered one bit.

On Tuesday, the internet erupted in madness when the House DJ was romantically linked to a fitness entrepreneur and dashing beauty Alexandra Cane.

To be fair, her tweet caption certainly did not help the situation. “Ready for my caffeine overdose @RealBlackCoffee,” sounds a little more suggestive than stating that you are off to enjoy a set from Black Coffee, who was tipped for a gig at a private party in Mykonos, Greece.

We did some digging into allegations of a brewing romance between these two and while we allow room to be incorrect, we are quite confident about our findings.

Black Coffee addresses Alexandra Cane dating rumours

Having untethered access to a private jet makes it difficult to give a real-time estimate of Black Coffee’s current whereabouts.

However, we tracked down his most recent Instagram activity and it appears that the DJ is in St Tropez, France.

We can confirm that Cane is still in Mykonos, further dispelling any lurking thoughts that she and the DJ were travelling together, on a romantic getaway.

In his busy schedule, someone in Black Coffee’s camp must have tipped him on the fact that he was trending on social media.

Black Coffee found it hilarious that people had all the time in the world to tie him romantically to a fan of his craft.

This prompted a tweet from the DJ where he scoffed off the rumours, reminding users on social media how ‘sheepheaded’ they are.

Cane, who surely must have seen the trend, did not bother to give us peasants any of her energy.