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‘A Very Bonang Year’ – What to expect from Matheba’s two-part special [video]

Swisher Post - 14.07.2020

An inside look into #AVeryBonangYear. This is everything you can expect from the two-part special Mzansi is talking about.

The queen of South Africa’s entertainment industry, Bonang Matheba, only lifted her finger to greenlight the release of the trailer to A Very Bonang Year and the internet went into pandemonium.

A Very Bonang Year: A first look at the trailer

Yes, ‘Beehive’, the reality TV mogul is set to premiere a two-part special on SABC 1, at the start of Women’s month, offering us — her blind-following peasants — an insider glimpse into her ascension as a globetrotting businesswoman.

You can feast your eyes on the trailer below:

What to expect from the two-part special

For the most part, we’ve celebrated Matheba for everything she’s done in the spotlight, without further insight into all that it takes to get to power moves like the House of BNG deal and other prominent international ventures.

This two-part documentary will offer us a closer look at Matheba’s daily routines and rituals, the people she interacts with on her international adventures, jet setting from Prague to London, New York to Los Angeles, and back to South Africa.

A Very Bonang Year: When will it premiere, what time, how to watch

Interestingly, Matheba’s relationship with Multichoice who licence her Being Bonang reality TV series did not help the network in securing first priority rights of the two-part special.

The House of BNG executive took her business to state-owned SABC, opting for a wider mass-market reach in a deal that has not been made public.

A Very Bonang Year will premiere on SABC 1 (channel 191) on DStv on Saturday 1 August 2020, at 18:00.