Flvme forced to address his breakup with Gabby

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Trap musician, Flvme, was left having to deal with the mess after his breakup with Gabby, airing out his side of the story.

Was the Flvme and Gabby breakup real?

Social media was in a frenzy after it was confirmed that the rapper had broken up with Gabby after just a month of being together.

It was on the 12th of March 2021 that saw the Buddy rapper looking cozy in love with the influencer over social media.

However, less than a month later would the two split up with many not being surprised after the two had allegedly been set up by the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle.

What really stirred the pot was Gabby’s post of her and her new man on Instagram with many questioning how the Oompa Loompa rapper was doing.

She had also revealed on an IG story that the relationship was strictly business.

“I need to address something. This whole thing with Flvme and I was purely BUSINESS!! Everyone has something to say when they know nothing.” she wrote on her story.

Of course, the rapper came out to air out his side of the story over on social media, simply stating that they had never been together in the first place.

Many Twitter users continued to pressure the rapper asking him why he had deleted the photos of the two of them on all his social media and what was the deal with his header.

He went on to emphasize how they had never been together calling out those who believed the whole thing as “dummies” however, many weren’t convinced by his story.

The rapper also posted a screenshot showing a discussion between them where she revealed the stress of all the hate being hurled towards her.

The CandyMan rapper concluded his side of the story after a fan asked him why he had deleted all the photos of him and Gabby with the rapper replying that her boyfriend was insecure about the whole situation.

Flvme continues to get clowned for repeated mistakes

The rapper is well-known for his involvement in troublesome relationships which plays a massive role in his music success.

The rapper tends to use his experiences in toxic relationships as the core subject towards his music which fans enjoy and relate to.

However, he has now faced criticism for his continuous involvement in dramatic situations with the ladies, especially after he continues to rap about not wanting to fall in love again after continuous heartbreaks like his classic track The Message.

After the Gabby situation, fans and haters over on social media bombarded the rapper’s comment section calling him out to be a hypocrite with many believing that Gabby had played the rapper.

Of course, with news like this, his many fans are hoping to see another single or body of work where the rapper gives us the details of what happened in this weird relationship saga.