DJ Maphorisa Nota Makwa

DJ Maphorisa responds to Kwesta, Makwa, and Nota

Ntsika Novoyi - 06.05.2021

DJ Maphorisa vents out at Kwesta, Nota, and Makwa for feeling underappreciated for his work on Ngud, having Nota respond to his statements.

Music producer, DJ Maphorisa, went live on Instagram to talk about his frustrations about not feeling appreciated with his involvement working with Kwesta.

DJ Maphorisa feels underappreciated by Kwesta

DJ Maphorisa has worked with some of the biggest artists, releasing some of the most popular hits in Africa.

Kwesta’s 2016 hit, Ngud, was produced by Maphorisa and it’s gone five times platinum.

This song boosted Kwesta’s presence in the rap game and Maphorisa felt he had a lot to do with the song’s success.

The producer went live on Instagram detailing how the song came about, claiming they had spent three days making a total of three songs.

Maphorisa claimed he only got paid once for his services.

However, after Ngud blew up, Kwesta would receive millions of Rands, changing Kwesta and Nota’s lives.

He added that he felt underappreciated, not even receiving a cent from Kwesta as a sign of appreciation.

Maphorisa also claimed to have started the new wave of sampling House music with Hip-Hop.

He believes this sound he created was stolen by Makwa, who went on to produce Kwesta’s hit song, Spirit, which sounds very alike to Ngud.

Nota responds to the producer

Hip-Hop personality and businessman, Nota Baloyi, responded to Maphorisa’s statements.

Nota has always spoken highly of the producer.

Baloyi hopped on his Twitter to thank Maphorisa for changing his life after the release of Ngud.

He went on to say he’d always appreciate and pay homage to the DJ.

However, Nota continued to bash Makwa, stating that he’d brought him along to learn from Maphorisa.

Nota ended off confirming that he had cut ties with Kwesta and Makwa, as he believed they were making him out to be the bad guy.

Things between Kwesta, Makwa, Nota, DJ Maphorisa, and others keep getting worse as music lovers try to solve what really occurred between these celebrities.