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DJ Dimplez caught in sex scandal: Does he have a baby on the way?

Andile Sicetsha - 26.05.2021

A woman came with receipts proving that, at the very least, she and DJ Dimplez had a ‘steamy’ encounter at a Sandton hotel earlier this year.

The latest Mzansi celebrity to be caught in a sexual quagmire is Tumi ‘DJ Dimplez’ Mooi.

DJ Dimplez identified as potential baby daddy

Mamdiarah Diakoumpa, a model renowned in Johannesburg’s nightclub circuit as a premium promoter and host, has come forward with receipts asserting her claims that not only did she spend the night with the Kubu musician, but she may be bearing his child.

In a series of screenshots shared by gossip microbloggers, Diakoumpa exposed a conversation that took place a while after the couple ‘got it on’ at a Sandton hotel in March.

In the WhatsApp chat, which you can read below, Dimplez is informed of the pregnancy by Diakoumpa. In response, the DJ vehemently objects to partaking in any form of assistance in the model’s prenatal affairs.

Instead, he chalks all responsibility to Diakoumpa, stating that he had offered to finance her counselling after she had taken the ‘morning after’ pill

“You think I went to Chris and told him you are pregnant? Do you honestly think I’d do that? Dude I haven’t spoken to a single person about this… I’m not sure what you want to do anymore. You said you’d take the pill and then I can book you counseling to help, and then you said you keeping it yesterday,” he wrote in one message.

The woman categorically declined his attempts to convince her to take an abortion. Instead, Diakoumpa demanded monthly gym membership fees and all-access to the DJ’s events as a ‘fair’ compromise in the sticky situation they were in.

Here are screenshots of Diakoumpa detailing the events that took place before and after she snuggled into bed with Dimplez.

At this time, neither Dimplez nor Diakoumpa could be reached for comment.