Da les

Da Les comes under fire for shady party policy

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Hip Hop veteran, Da Les has been receiving a lot of backlash after the rapper posted his specific yet creepy requirements for his all-white brunch party.

What requirements are expected of the guests?

Usually, at a formal function, it is expected of guests to arrive in good fashion, well dressed, and well-groomed, however, that is never needed to be specified to the guests.

In Les’s case, this must’ve been a heavy requirement as he or his team decided to officially launch out the invites for his party alongside Saso.

The problem with this invitation was its list of unnecessary requirements, asking for gentlemen to have the cleanest haircuts and to shave, however, what made it seem even sketchier was that all women were required to be waxed and done their manicures and pedicures.

Of course, this raised a lot of questions from the public, as they began to wonder why on Earth this was so important and worst of all, how were the organizers or security going to check if the ladies had followed guidelines?

This was definitely the worst way of creating any kind of buzz for any kind of event and social media was in a complete frenzy.

Da Les deletes apology?

Da Les really seems to be playing with fire as the rapper seemed to actually show some concern for his own poster involving the inappropriate requirements.

On the evening of the 15th of March, Les went on to make a formal apology on his Twitter, claiming that he and Saso hadn’t even seen the invite meaning they didn’t sign off on it.

However, in a sudden turn of events, Les deleted the tweet and it’s completely vanished off his timeline with nobody knowing the reason behind this decision.

Saso, however, also came out with a formal apology of his own yet his still remains on his Twitter timeline.

Da Les has already been in boiling water when it comes to his behavior around women, having his name already called out for rape allegations back in 2019, and with this now on his case, it doesn’t look too good for the rapper.