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Da Capo announces ‘Indigo Child Part II’ is ‘under construction’

Andile Sicetsha - 13.08.2020

#DaCapo says the second instalment of ‘Indigo Child’ is “under construction”.

Deep House empresario Da Capo has launched his cult following into sheer excitement after he announced that the sequel to Indigo Child is “under construction.”

Da Capo teases Indigo Child Part II

The eclectic DJ made the announcement on Twitter with very little else information to accompany it.

We have yet to get further details on possible release dates and guest appearances. So, to aid our projections, we took a look at the first Indigo Child, that dropped in 2017, under Soulistic Music.

If the second instalment sounds anything like this, we are sure in for a treat, hoping, of course, that Da Capo graces us with the album before summer.

Should we expect it this year?

And that’s the thing. Operating independently, under his newly established music label Genesis Entity, Da Capo can release music at a leisurely pace.

The quotas are determined by him and thus, we get the music when he feels it’s the perfect time.

Case in point, five days prior to this tweet, Da Capo tweeted: “Thinking of putting together a compilation f some unreleased music from years ago. What are some of your favourites?”


Owning a music label has allowed the DJ untethered freedom to manage his output the way he wishes and while this is great, it does put a damper on fans who are fans of the Indigo Child series.

The pieces to Da Capo’s musical jigsaw puzzle seem strewn all over the place at the moment but we are positive that once he gets his affairs in order, we will be blessed with ageless records.