Cassper Novest Zakwe

Cassper Nyovest feels the love after receiving praise from Zakwe

22 April 2021 - 10:38

Cassper Nyovest expresses his gratitude towards Zakwe before taking aim at certain industry higher-ups.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

South African Hip-Hop heavyweight, Cassper Nyovest, came out on Twitter to thank well-established rapper, Zakwe, for his comments on Nyovest’s lyrical ability as underrated. However, he also fired shots at the higher-ups in the industry.

Zakwe: “Cassper Nyovest is the most underrated SA lyricist!”

It was revealed over on Twitter that Zakwe had commented on Nyovest’s lyrical ability, praising him as one of the most underrated lyricists in the game.

This must’ve been an impressive comment for the Doc Shebeleza rapper, since Zakwe is up there as one of the most talented lyricists in the Mzansi hip-hop world right now.

The tweet, however, added how many have doubted Nyovest’s rapping ability but have commended his talents as a great businessman.

Nyovest went on to thank Zakwe for his praises, however, he assured everyone that his fans already knew he was a decent lyricist and that it was in fact, the higher-ups in the industry who mocked his abilities because they weren’t fans of the Mahikeng rapper.

Who were the shots aimed for?

Many fans of the rapper felt like Cass had actually been firing shots at Metro FM Radio personality, Rashid Kay, who had made some comments on Nyovest which must have upset him.

This came after Nyovest made a comment on Amapiano music having no gatekeepers in the industry, and if people liked the song it would find success.

This is when the radio host decided to voice his opinion on how hip-hop had no politics and went on to debunk the myth that SA hip-hop had any gatekeepers instead claiming that 90% of radio personalities were house DJs.

Clearly, Cass wasn’t a fan of these words and it’s no wonder fans speculate that it was indeed Rashid who Nyovest had been firing aim towards.