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Cassper Nyovest wants AKA in the ring ASAP

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Cassper Nyovest has been going hard at the gym and after a recent session, the AMN rapper is more than ready to duke it out with AKA in an exhibition match.

Is the Cassper Nyovest x AKA boxing match actually happening?

By all intents and purposes, the boxing match between the two rap kings of South Africa looks like its happening.

From what we know, a date and venue have been set and both rappers have been undergoing rigorous training regimens in preparation for the match-up.

Thus far, the Nyovest x AKA boxing match is scheduled to take place in March 2021 at the Dome in Johannesburg.

A specific day has yet to be announced.

Nyovest taunts AKA: ‘Sign the contract small boy!’

It is not clear why the official promotion of the fight has not already kicked off.

The sheer scale of the fight already suggests that it will most likely be a pay-per-view event (or a premier event on a cable network) with a number of sponsors bidding for category placement.

All of this is speculative, of course. Without an official promoter, we will have to rely on the two artists’ word and Nyovest is already suggesting that AKA is avoiding the fight.

In a recent tweet, the Nokuthula rapper took a jab at Supamega, claiming that he is afraid to sign the contract. This could explain all the delays in the official promotion of the exhibition fight.

Nyovest might be in the best shape of his life but if the Jake Paul x Nate Johnson fight was anything to go by, then it takes a lot more than that to win a boxing match.

Surprisingly, AKA didn’t bit the bait. The rapper has focused his energy on increasing revenues of his new Cruz Vodka Banana flavour.