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Burna Boy receives praise from AKA on his Grammy success

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The beef between the two giants of African entertainment may be showing signs of ending as AKA applauds Burna Boy on his success at the Grammy Awards.

What was said exactly?

Burna made the continent proud after his Grammy success in winning Best Global Music Album for his 2020 release titled Twice As Tall.

Burna received countless praise on social media including the president of Nigeria, Muhammed Buhari sending a heartfelt congratulations towards the star, with many delighted to see the African giant finally grab the monumental award.

However, many Africans were eager to see how Burna’s number one enemy, AKA, would respond to Burna’s historic achievement.

AKA was questioned by a Twitter user asking how he felt about this news, with SupaMega responding in a good old-fashioned praise stating how he was always aware of Burna’s talent as an artist.

However, the Bhovamania star clapped back stating he still had no regrets for defending his country during their earlier dispute in 2020.

When another Twitter user responded to this tweet by asking Mega if he’d still show Burna the same level of respect, had Burna not become a global star he is now, AKA responded that he had always known what Burna was and that he was just fortunate to know this before the world did.

AKA received a lot of respect from Twitter users claiming that the rapper had finally matured when it came to dealing with Burna and to see Mega showing love to his enemy was a great moment to witness.

However, when another Twitter user mentioned that Mega was being weak, AKA retaliated by saying the only thing weak thing was the Twitter user for wanting him to hate on Burna just for their own entertainment and even adding a hilarious clap back.

Burna Boy vs AKA: Is the beef finally over?

For some music fans, it was tough to see the two stars go at it each other in the past years, especially since these two formed one of the best bromances in the early 2010’s.

Linking up in 2014, the bromance saw the two artists releasing the timeless jam All Eyes on Me and the SA classic Baddest bringing us some of the most memorable music videos from the two.

However after the two stopped working together, multiple disputes would occur during the period of xenophobic attacks that occurred in South Africa, with Mega protecting his country while Burna continued to hurl insults at our nation.

This beef escalated to the point where Burna even threatened, in the now-deleted tweet that he would beat up Mega if they had ever crossed paths with each other.

With AKA showing so much praise for the Nigerian star, will the beef finally end and a possible reunion occur between the two giants?