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33 years of Bonang: Five moments of Matheba being a snatched queen [photo]

Published by Swisher Post

Bonang Matheba rising to become one of the most affectionate and intensely intriguing public figures in South Africa was no coincidence.

Bonang Matheba celebrates her 33rd birthday

The 33-year-old, whose birthday falls on this Thursday, was born in a period where — in astrological terms — the Sun transits from 90° to 120° celestial longitude.

Every fabric of Matheba’s persona speaks to her Cancerian alignment. She is loyal and her emotional depth will make her a great parent one day.

Matheba is dependable and her cerebral intuition has paved the way for her success in media and business.

On a surface level, though. Queen ‘B’ is the epitome of self-determination. Coming from humble beginnings, the 33-year-old harnessed enough self-belief to persevere in an era of South African entertainment that’s dwarfed by today’s landscape.

Now, at 33, a fairly young and robust age, Matheba has the world pinned down on the heels of her Jimmy Choos, or is it her Red Bottoms (Louboutins)?

Here are five moments of Matheba being a snatched queen

In our own way of honouring 33 years of Bonang Matheba, we have put together five looks from the media mogul’s Instagram page where she was unapologetically snatched.