Blxckie returns the love with 3 new hits [audio]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The Durban rap sensation, Blxckie, released 3 new songs on Soundcloud alongside 808sallie after reaching a staggering 100 000 Instagram followers.

343: What to expect from the 3 track project

After hitting an impressive 100 000 followers over on Instagram, Blxckie decided to return the love by releasing 3 tracks on the 22nd of March alongside frequent collaborator, 808sallie.

The three tracks titled bark hond, kitchen, and alupheli nanini are hard trap bangers with heavy trap beats, hard 808s,loud bass, and heavy hi-hats that Blxckie is so popular with using as his beats.

On the track bark hond, the Durban rapper talks about how hard he has had to work to reach the point he has in his music career with the beat embracing Blxckie’s lyrics and emphasizing it with the loud heavy background noise.

With the track kitchen, Blxckie has fun with the beat spitting about his hard-earned riches, flexing on how he has everything he’s wanted.

Alupheli nanini only lasts a single minute, with the rapper talking on still believing and wanting more from a partner in his life however it’s a shame the track is so short with 808sallie ending off the track with an impressive trap outro.

Although the songs were short and not as heavily promoted as Blxckie’s other songs, fans were still left feeling appreciated by the rapper’s effort to show gratitude for such a wonderful accomplishment.

Is Blxckie the real deal?

Ever since the release of his hit single Big Time Shlappa alongside his long-time collaborator and friend LucasRaps, Blxckie has been seeing massive amounts of mainstream success.

The Durban rapper has been receiving hype from the whole nation, even receiving an honorary co-sign from SA hip-hop legend AKA, tilting him as a bright prospect in the rap game.

Although the young star has been receiving mainstream success, he had been showing signs of star-power with many of his tracks on Soundcloud receiving hundreds of thousands of views on a regular basis.

Tracks like NO FATIGUE alongside SHOULDBEYUANG, SOUL INNIT, UPPITY, Coffin freestyle, and the tracks 4 and BIG QOSH both featuring LucasRaps, all received over 100 000 listens on Soundcloud.

The KZN star has released multiple bodies of work like his EQNX EP (2018), SOMNYAMA (2019), EQNX II (2019), and SOMNYAMA II (2019) not to forget his 2020 EP titled IT FEELS A DREAM (2020).

The young rapper has gone on to work with big-name artists like Focalistic, Flvme, Cassper Nyovest, Dr. Peppa, Rouge, Costa Titch, and many more A-list musicians on tracks like Bambelela, Stripes and the latest breakout hit titled Mntase.

With all the attention the rapper has been receiving, it’s safe to say this young star may have a bright future as maybe becoming the next African giant.